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    Here's what they are saying about us...

"I was very happy with everything and all aspects of the service, and highly recommend to other people Dean Eng of Fresh Start for the HomeOwner, Inc., and would use his business again."

-Thomas R, Milwaukie, Oregon

"In doing business with Fresh Start for the HomeOwner, Inc. I  was very satisfied with the service. 

Dean did everything he said he would do when he said he would do it.  He closed on time and even expedited the process for me.

During the bidding portion of our dealings Dean beat out the competition with a better offer.

If you are planning to sell a piece of property and need to do it quickly and without worrying about getting ripped off,  I recommend Fresh Start for the HomeOwner, Inc. for the job."

 - Pastor Ronald B. of a local Church in
   Portland, Oregon.


 "They were quick and professional in closing the sale of our house.  They took over our payments and made every payment on time from January 9, 2000 to the date they paid the loan off on September 21, 2001. 

Because they took over our payments that allowed us to purchase a new home! 

It was a pleasure working with them and I definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quick and fair sale of their property."

Tuan P.  Milwaukie, Oregon.

"... Both Dean and Scott conducted themselves in a professional manner, never  wavered in their respect for me as their customer, and were always willing to address my concerns with regard to the sale of the house. They were always available when I needed them ...

...Fresh Start  keeps all promises that it makes, and it is an excellent alternative to consider when conventional real estate selling methods donít work out ..."

-Nelson K., Aloha Oregon.

"I was being transferred to California and wanted to sell my house quickly.  So  I called Fresh Start. They bought my property valued at $250,000 on contract.  Made the monthly mortgage payments on time, maintained the property, and within six months paid off the contract with their buyer fulfilling our agreement! 

They performed everything that we agreed to and were great on communication when ever I had a question. 

I recommend Fresh Start to anyone looking to sell their property quickly, and have it be a win-win situation."

-Dr. Michael P., Vancouver, Washington

"When I was needing to sell my home Dean Eng of Fresh Start came to my rescue. He was fair and honest and he did exactly what he said he would do ...

I would highly recommend him to anyone selling their home"

 - JoAnn W., Portland, Oregon 


"... because of his service, buying our home when it was in so much need of repair at a fair honest price, we are buying a new home!"

-Daniel & Ann L., Portland, Oregon 


"We were really pleased at the quality and timing the process took. He was honest & worked with us to help solve our problems..."
-Phil and Debora H.,
Portland, Oregon


"Dean followed through in a timely fashion and held up to every
detail we agreed to.  I was very happy with the entire process..."

-Warren E. S.,
Milwaukie, Oregon



















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