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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a Realtor just looking for a listing?
Absolutely not!  We are serious buyers and always looking to purchase more property.

Why should we use you versus someone else?
Fresh Start for the Homeowner Inc has an A+ rating with the
Better Business Bureau.  How long have they been in business?  Do they have testimonials?  Click here to see our testimonials.

We strive to be professional, courteous, and deal with everyone with integrity.  Also, were up-front "in plain English" and try to make each real estate transaction a win win situation. 

Do you charge a fee or commission?

If we buy your property, we do not charge you a commission.

Are you just looking to "low ball" me and offer very little for my property?
We can actually pay market value for a property.  The reason why is we use a "Buy and Hold Long Term" approach.  Other factors are local market conditions, condition of the property and income potential. 

What kind of condition does the property have to be in?
We buy properties in any condition.  Ones that need lots of repairs to ones that are in excellent shape.  

Can you really buy my house if there is NO equity?
Yes!  We have a special program that enables us to purchase properties even if you owe what the property is worth.

Do you deal in high price houses?

We deal in any price range. 

What if I'm behind in payments or in foreclosure?
No problem.  We work with sellers in all kinds of situations. Even if you have only hours before the foreclosure sale we know how to stop the foreclosure instantly, and we know how to deal with your lenders.  If a short sale is needed, we can help with that too and don't charge you any cost whatsoever.

Why don't I just list it with a Realtor?

Do you want to wait approximately six to eight months for the house to sell?  What if the property needs work?  Do you have enough equity in the property to pay the commission?  So selling a house can be a real challenge.

Most Realtors typically just put your home in the MLS (computer of houses for sale) and hope another agent will bring a buyer around.  And if they find a buyer, the closing typically takes 30-60 days.  That's if nothing goes wrong!  Often things can go wrong such as the buyer backing out the last minute, the house not appraising out, unexpected repairs come up. 

With us you don't have to worry about any of that!  When we buy your property we buy it "as is", and close when you need us to.   A no hassle, no headache sale!

Who are you?

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about us.

How can we trust you?
Fresh Start for the Homeowner Inc has an A+ rating with the
Better Business Bureau..  Please see testimonials by clicking on 'testimonials' on the menu.  Also, we enjoy helping people out of a difficult situation.  We believe all transaction must be good for both parties or we refuse to do the deal.

What is the next step?

Fill out the
quick online response form and we will do an evaluation of your situation at no cost to you.  After we've seen the property we'll sit down with you and discuss what your options are.  No obligation.  Or call us directly at (503)803-1111















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